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Fortitudo is the one and only application, that was created by people for whom the strength training and physical activity are on a daily basis. We do know perfectly well what are the issues related to storing your training details on a digital version, and have decided to solve them once and for all.

Find training plan

Browse publicly available list of training plans, and make use of advanced filtering that will help you to find the best suited plan for your needs!

Provide your records

Provide your actual personal bests for required exercises in selected training plan, so that training load will be calculated accordingly to your performance. Also, you can skip that part, generate an empty plan and choose load by yourself.

Log your progress

Browse training days, mark completed sets, get full access to your training log and measure your progress.

Modify plan as you wish

Not enough sets? Load ain't that demanding anymore? Able to do more repetitions? Well, it's a piece of cake - edit your training just as you wish.

Create your own plan

Would you like to move your own, custom training plan into the application? Share it with your friends? Make use of the training plan editor, and create your own training scheme.

Find out more

Train smart

Get to know with warmup and exercise details in order to make sure, that you will be working out both safely and effectively.


"Come with me if you want to lift."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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